Latest Mini Project

1965 Morris Mini 850 Panel Van "High Roof"

Having recently purchased this Classic 1965 Morris Mini 850 van, is has opened up a world of ideas for us to restore and recreate this very unique and very rare Classic vehicle. 

With some interesting ideas for restoration plans have already begun to get started on stripping this rare Classic Mini van.

Being a 1965 build this Original Classic Morris Mini Panel Van is now 49 years old. It is always a good thing restoring something a old as this Classic and bringing it back to life.

So, let's see what we can do with this rare and Classic 1965 Morris Mini 850 Panelvan.

Please stay in touch to keep an eye on the latest progress of this project.

From The "London Collection" we bring to you Eleanor..

   In the early 80's in UK during the production Classic Mini cars were offered in a number of Limited Editions that usually included a special combination of trim and badging, but some did also include some mechanical upgrades. 


   Flame Red Mini is one of the Limited Edition Mini Cars, which was produced in 1989 as a part of London Collection. 

Mini Flame Red
Year: 1990 (February)
Based on: Mini City
Engine: 998 cc
Exterior colour: Flame Red (COF - BLVC818)
Exterior trim: Chrome bumpers and black grille with chrome surrounds
Decals/badges: Coachlines with 'Racing' logo
Interior: Black 'Crayons' fabric
Equipment: Three-instrument binnacle, R361 Radio Cassette, option of automatic gearbox
Production: Only 2,500 Vehicles Limited Edition were sold at 4,795 GBP in UK.

Fitted with a 3.44 final drive (as was found in the original 1961 Cooper), the 'Flame Red' could be bought with the Rover-approved John Cooper performance kit, identical to the 'Racing Green' and 'Checkmate' apart from the colour.


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