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Latest Wedding in Sydney.

​​   Congratulations to Goerge and Nina on their Wedding Day!


   On this cool August day, with little sunshine and cousy cloudy chilled weather these two beautiful people had a plan and it was a great plan to get married!


   "Beluga" was invited to be a part of this amazing Wedding Celebration.


   With lots of laughter and sense of humor from many great people, who came to share the joy of George and Nina on the day of their Marriage.


What an amazing day it turned out to be. 


   ​It is with great pleasure everyone at Mini World Australia would like to Congratulate Goerge and Nina on their Marriage and we wish them both well in all their future endeavors.


Next Classic Mini Show Event

   The next car show is to be held at Kings School at Pennant Hills (Sydney) this year. It's on the 30th of August 2015. Come along and see some of the greatest range of Classic British cars from many automotive clubs in NSW. 


Stay tuned as we will be updating related event details once we have more information. 

Latest Classic Mini car projects

    It is always a great feeling and nice to see any new additions of Classic Mini cars arriving as part of Mini Limo Fleet.
 After critical and fussy restoration process and now complete this Classic Mini has become a part of a Mini World Australia "Family" . as part of current fleet of Mini World Australia Classic Mini vehicles.

    The project took long 2 years to compete of this yet another unique and quiet rare Classic Mini from "London Collection Mini", which was recently professionally painted.
    The aging rare English Mini body has been fastidiously repaired and saved from any previous rust (now gonski..) and it's now has been restored to it's brand new condition.

    Based on our research, we believe it is the only one of it's kind of model currently available in Australia today. This is a 1990 
"Flame Red" London Collection Classic Mini, currently being added to our Mini World Australia Limo Fleet. This completed beautiful Classic example of a London Collection Mini car has already been named by the Team at Mini World Australia as: "Eleanor".
       With custom tune "Eleanor" is now the loudest Classic Mini on the our fleet. When you think about it.. we believe that a Classic Mini should not only look like a Mini but should also sound like a real Mini. 


   Yes, it is still British and it is a hand made 2003 Bentley Arnage Red Label.


With over 5.4 meters long, 1.9 metres wide, and has a kerb weight of more than 2.5 metric tonnes.


This Bentley Arnage is a large luxury car produced by Bentley Motors in Crewe, England. 


The Arnage Red Label uses a 6.75 litre twin-turbo V8 engine which produces 455 metric horsepower (335 kW; 449 bhp) and 874 newton metres (645 lbf·ft), and is capable of a top speed of 270 kilometres per hour (168 mph).