Katoomba Blue Mountains

Katoomba is an Aboriginal term which stands for "shining falling water" or "water tumbling over hill".  


The name Katoomba came from a waterfall which drops into the Jamison Valley which forms a part of the Coxs River  in Blue Mountains.  

Today Katoomba is a very popular destination as it is the most visited town located in Blue Mountains. 


In 1879 J.B. North (who was an entrepreneur) had secured the rights to open a coal mine with Captain Robert Henry Reynolds had purchased 640 acres of land and had opened up a Coal Mine in Katoomba.


In 1884 there were 56 men employed, which were extracting coal up to 20,000 tonns of coal in that year.


By 1888 there were 23 men employed working underground and another 60 men which were working on the surface. Same year in 1888 just in six months extracting coal these men were able to extract 65,680 tonns of coal. 


The coal was then making its way to Sydney inside the railway trucks. 

John Britty North 

Today Katoomba is a very popular destination as it is the most visited town located in Blue Mountains.

Katoomba Blue Mountains - The Scenic Skyway


200 metres above the Jamison Valley floor you will enjoy spectacular view


In 1958 the original Blue Mountains Scenic Skyway Cable Car has started to operate and offer it’s services to public but in 2004 it was replaced with a new cable car from Switzerland.


It is the only carrying horizontal passenger cable car in Australia, which holds up to 84 passengers and travels across the Jamison Valley 200 metres above the valley floor.  


At the flick of one switch it cable car has a floor that can become transparent offering its passengers magnificent valley views.


The exhilarating and breathtaking ride will last for 7 minutes and passengers will be astonished at the fantastic breathtaking views of Blue Mountains including the Australian Icon The Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls.