Sydney Shopping 

     If you love to shop, then Sydney is the place to be in. The word "Shopping" to some of us is more than life and to some of us it's just a drag.


     As we all know when it comes to doing shopping we all have choices and preferences based on many factors and experiences in life, not to mention a personal budget.. that is if you have one..


     Sydney offers a wide variety and a great choice of locations when it comes to going shopping.


     Everyone loves great bargains and specials but sometimes we just like to explore for something completly new and sometimes it just depends on what mood we are in at the time.


     Well if this is the time to revamp your wadrobe then it is time to choose your destination as Sydney has it all... Well almost...




  If you are looking for top fashion Double Bay is known for its high-end designer boutiques, hair stylists and beuticians.  


  Short leafy laneways will offer you a charming collection of cafes and restaurants. 


Chauffeur Driven Bentley Arnage Limousine

Bentley Arnage Limousine 

However prestigious your occasion may be, you will be arriving in luxury and in comfort like a celebrity. Chauffeur driven Bentley Arnage will provide you with total comfort.


The Arnage epitomises sophistication, and class and is absolutely a mainstay among the world’s elite. It is impossible to match the rich heritance of the Arnage, with its coach built refinement making it a vehicle of considerable prestige. Indeed, to be seen enjoying the luxurious trappings that are a standard part of our chauffeur driven Bentley Arnage service, is to be seen as an individual with exquisite taste.


From the moment you immerse yourself in the opulence that is the Arnage interior, you will realise that you have made a choice that is without compromise. Luxury leather trim envelops you and makes you feel a superior level of comfort, whilst classy, hand crafted wood panels add a sense of regency homeliness that instantly defines what all of the fuss is about.


Whether your intention prior to reaching your destination is to sit back and relax or to focus on some final preparatory work for that all important seminar you will be glad that you have chosen to travel via a chauffeur driven Bentley Arnage.


Other luxury adornments, that will serve to further the exclusivity of your chauffeur driven Bentley Arnage experience, include individual air conditioning and heating controls, along with a state-of-the-art entertainment system.


Whether you are travelling alone, or with up to three other passengers, the Bentley Arnage offers an unparalleled level of luxury comfort and class. The versatility of the chauffeur driven Bentley Arnage service that we offer here at Mini World Australia sees us dealing with a rich diversity of clients with a variety of usage demands including wedding day transport, business transport, shopping trips, school formals transport, private guided tours and evenings out.


For more information please contact us on: 0412 222 181


   Castle Hill Towers Shopping Centre is also known as "Towers". It is a large shopping centre located in Castle Hill, New South Wales.


   With the area of approximately 112,000 square metres it is one of the largest shopping centres in Australia. 

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