The Mini History

​     The story about a Classic Mini begins with one genius and talented engineer and a designer. One man named Alexander Arnold Constantine Issigonis at the time of economical need for a smaller vehicle was given a task by Sir Leonard Lord to create a small motor vehicle. Instead Sir Alec Issigonis had created a legend which still lives on today and tomorrow. It's called a Mini car. 

  In 1956 when fuel rationing which was brought by Suez Crisis, Sir Leonard Lord has ordered Sir Alec Issigonis as a chief engineer to design and create a small car, which could still carry four people and have space available for luggage. With not much time on hand the Mini car was created and went into production in the year of 1959, first Morris Mini-Minor publicly released on 26th August 1959. Mini became so popular that is became one of the five top-selling cars in British history. For his success Queen Elizabeth had knighted Alex Issigonis (1906-1988). 

Story about a Mini Car      
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Classic Variety

   The revolutionary design of a Mini car was intended as an affordable motor vehicle during oil crisis. At the time of production period by BMC (British Motor Car) in Cowley plants in the United Kingdom Mini was produced in several variations. Over the years as more people continued to enjoy Mini as a car, the Mini continued to be produced with many changes and variations. It was called Mk I, Mk II, Austin Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, Mini 850, Mini Deluxe, Austin Mini Seven, The Clubman GT and several other Mini models.

Monte Carlo Rally

   In the year of 1963 a more powerful Mini Cooper variant was developed and successfully released on the market. It was called the "Cooper S". After winning a number of Rally races in 1964, 1965 and 1967 at Monte Carlo, the Mini Cooper S received praise and acclaim. As Minis were initially placed first, second and third in the 1966 rally as well, in return French judges had disqualified them after a debated and insulting decision was made because of use of a variable resistance headlamp dimming circuit in place of a dual-filament lamp. Nevertheless the Mini legend lived on winning and winning.

John Cooper

Celebrities love Classic Minis

   As Classic Mini cars became more popular many Celebrities have chosen to use these unique and amazing Classic cars as their favourite daily rides. This was the begining of a new trend for many people, who simply have faulen in love with Classic Mini cars.  

Peter Sellers (Actor)

Steve McQueen (Actor)

George Harrison (Beatles)

Ringo Starr (Beatles)

John Lennon (Beatles)

Paul McCartney (Beatles)

Ringo Starr (Beatles)

Rowan Atkinson​ (Mr. Been)

Paul Smith (Designer)

Paul McCartney IBeatles)

The Italian Job (The Movie)

Enzo Ferrari

Jade Jagger (Designer)

1965 Classic Mini Cooper Driven by Paul McCartney from Beatles

Steve McQueen & John Cooper

Jenny Agutter (Actress)

Cathy McGowan (Broadcaster & Journalist)

Woody Allen (Movie Actor)

Lesley Lawson

(British supermodel Twiggy)


Tom Baker (Dr. Who)

Kylie Minogue (Singer)

Marc Bolan  (Singer)

Brigitte Bardot  (Actress)

Britt Ekland (Actress)

The Supremes (Band)

Prince Charles

Custom Mini Cars

Cliff Richard

        For many people today is has almost become a tradition around the world to customize and modify their classic mini cars. Many Mini owners have gone to an extreme detail to create something unique out of their classic mini car and turn it into a real masterpiece.

Police Force 

   In many other great countries Police Forces did not waste any time and also extensively have used Classic Mini cars in their fleet and various other Police Departments.  

Work Force

   A great number of companies and many independant tradesmen have found Classic Mini cars to be the perfect vehicle in many different trades. Small, economical and yet very roomy the Classic Mini car had quickly continued to gain more popularity across the globe. 

Production Results

    Production was growing as Mini cars continued to be popular arround the world. Many people today chosse to keep these cars as collector's items and Mini cars have only been going up in prices proving to be great investments for many Mini car owners.

The "New Mini" car

  As the time went on so did the technology and creations by many talented new designers beginning to make something completely different and new for many others to enjoy. And so came the "New" Mini car, which had to change with time, new rules and demands and many other aspects, which may have caused for the design, originality and many other parts of original Classic Mini car to disappear. 

Who does not like a Mini car today?

  The distinctive Classic Mini cars have become so popular around the world, as many people were enjoying these cars for being small, economical and fun to drive. The Mini car has now become an icon which needed no introduction in many places around the world. Evetyone once in life time should own a Mini car. 

   The Mini Story